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Until fairly recently, the media and entertainment companies have begun their data-driven journeys.


Although Microsoft is prevalent throughout most workplaces, it usually does not represent the sole tech available. Legacy systems and hardware often impact on how your Microsoft choices are deployed. Even the addition of one simple cloud based working solution can have a major, company-wide effect on how you operate. As a Microsoft Gold Partner with a 30 years heritage in the implementation of Microsoft products, we are your first-choice technology provider when it comes to competence and know-how.



The pictogram of the cloud in the Salesforce logo is the clue to its cloud nature. The scalability of Salesforce has made it one of the biggest CRMs in the world. Intuitive interfaces have empowered sales teams and business development for hundreds of thousands of businesses looking to create a joined-up thinking approach to customer management and interaction. The customer journey and all touchpoints can be factored in and tailored specifically to your own unique business operations. Sales teams are better organised. Marketing is easier to conduct and data is easier to interpret. Customer service can improve exponentially. Wherever useful customer data can be acquired, we can configure your existing systems to communicate with Salesforce to build a holistic workable picture for all agents involved in customer interaction and activation. The application is easily integrated into mobile devices for improved field sales support. Marketing is fast and responsive enabling you to take better advantage of opportunities as they arise. If a competitor has made a mistake that you believe you can exploit, a campaign can be created and surgically deployed quickly and without hiccup. Customer red flags are identified quicker for more effective intervention should retention be a major issue.

The government is the biggest employer in the UK and tens of thousands of civil servants rely on a massive spectrum of technology to deliver their services and keep the country ticking along.
Over the past few years, the insurance sector has seen more innovative tech-led businesses.


The market leader in Enterprise Resource Planning, SAP has been with us since 1972, that’s 16 years before SICL started. It is difficult to understate the heritage in this framework, which is respected around the globe. As a methodology, this approach is very much cemented into best practice for planning enterprise architecture.