Everyone has their favourites…

Transactional engagement with customers and partners is now fully available with near “real-time” speed creating an environment where speed, accuracy and reliability are not just available but essential.


We’ve been a favourite of Cisco for decades now, having been one of the first to help them pioneer cloud services. As one of the biggest providers of technology globally, Cisco very much represents the opportunity for a less agnostic approach to a holistic set of services, applications and hardware. You are effectively choosing to operate in a Cisco universe, providing seamless tech integration which is never far from a simple plug and play approach. Our teams are regularly trained by Cisco to ensure we are always at the forefront of their tech stack.


Dell EMC

Very much known as a digital convergence specialist, Dell are often chosen by organisations looking for a deep level of digital and IT transformation. With technology specialising in multi-cloud, security transformation, application and workforce transformation, Dell represents not just a top down deployment strategy but actually a fully holistic set of technologies designed to ensure the most faithful representation of a full transformation picture.

The government is the biggest employer in the UK and tens of thousands of civil servants rely on a massive spectrum of technology to deliver their services and keep the country ticking along.


When seconds count, the ability for doctors to refer for a second opinion and get the answers they need requires a technology partner who can fully deliver from a vast pool of options. That second opinion could come from the other side of the world as the peer structure in medicine spans the entire globe.

Microsoft Azure

Arguably one of the most beautiful shades of “blue” sky thinking, Azure cloud computing service provides Saas, Iaas and Paas as standard through their data centres. Able to host a wide variety of coding languages, Azure is ideal for working within the Microsoft tech stack whilst comfortably offering a practical environment for 3rd party applications meaning legacy systems need not disrupt your project.

Office 365

What can we say about the world’s favourite virtual desktop that you don’t already know? Lots actually; after all that’s what you expect in a tech specialist with over 30 years experience working with Microsoft. Gold Partner status is not easily won and Microsoft doesn’t hand that accreditation out like sweeties. We provide support for 365 every single day as well as having one of the most profoundly useful sets of skills and experience in 365 integration. Data security and multi-cloud are common scenarios even if we are just exploring Outlook and Sharepoint. But truly understanding the potential of your new collaborative environment is where you really get your money’s worth with us.



Pioneers in virtualisation, VMware is one of our vendor partners with an eye permanently fixed on the future, but what else would you expect form a Dell company. Perfect for today’s hot-desking environment, users can logon to any machine which will instantly generate a virtual desktop and machine for them to pick up where they left off. There really is nothing quite like the feeling of taking everything with you, everywhere you go.

The government is the biggest employer in the UK and tens of thousands of civil servants rely on a massive spectrum of technology to deliver their services and keep the country ticking along.
Until fairly recently, the media and entertainment companies have begun their data-driven journeys.


Citrix offer a holistic approach to flexible working whether that be virtual servers or machines or the clouds they have to interact with. With such a complimentary set of technologies operating within the same universe you can take a confident approach to your security. Individual ways of working can be adhered to and even enhanced without compromising the ways your other people need to work.



This is cloud data management with a hair trigger, ready at any moment for a disaster. A little negative? Absolutely not. Your organisation could cease to operate at any given moment in today’s porous information environment. We have customers who are under attack all day, every day. Veaam offers an exceptional level of back up and disaster recover planning and agility. Choosing Veamm means you can get up and running again when the seconds count.



A multi vector endpoint security specialist, Webroot is one of the most self explanatory brand names you will find in the technology industry. Their cyber threat and intelligence services are just that bit smarter. With a simple pricing structure, it is a solid and dependable choice for small to medium sized businesses with a high degree of accountability for their data, whether that be from a vital operations perspective or that ever-present compliance shadow.

Over the past few years, the insurance sector has seen more innovative tech-led businesses.


H2 IT resilience with one robust platform that is continuously available and offers workload mobility through multi-cloud agility.