Cloud services from cloud pioneers. We know everything about The Cloud.

We were one of the first companies in the United Kingdom to offer our own cloud services supported by our own cloud platform that has been operation for many years and evolved into a market-leading service. Take the pain out of migrating from clunky legacy hardware to an agile, collaborative mindset because we really have seen it all before. We’ve had a long time to fully understand where the challenges and blockers are.

A new level of agility for your people.

With a fully operational cloud solution you can ensure disaster planning is already provisioned and that staff working in a disaster recovery centre can pick up where they left off. Version control for multiple collaborators is always in real-time ensuring a reduction in duplicated tasks. Your managers will be fully empowered to work in a flexible and mobile manner giving them more time to spend on vital tasks.


Fully compliant and ready to go

Our SICL cloud solution is fully Office 365 ready and dovetails in beautifully which makes for a slick onboarding experience.

Naturally, we are GDPR compliant, giving you the power to see who did what and when. We are not just talking about people working in the same office building. Our cloud services help you keep an entire workforce operational and communicating through different offices, towns, cities and time zones.

We fully support your cloud solution from end to end, from data centre to desktop so you will always have one port of call, fully conversant with your set of circumstances and requirements.


Migration specialists

If only it were as simple as cut and paste… one day perhaps. In the meantime, you have a staggering amount of data and processes that require translating to a cloud environment. Data flows are likely to be different because of the differing security requirements compared with your current set up. Ensuring the tech matches up from your in-house interfaces and “on prem” obligations to the tech in the cloud data centre often requires new approaches and investment. We’ve been doing this so long now that there is literally nothing that will surprise or stump us.

Private cloud tier 3 data centres

Some organisations require a more ring-fenced approach to their cloud services. Sometimes this is due to the security requirements of a third party that you have obligations to. There is not a single combination of cloud services that we are not experts in. Sometimes we feel like we wrote the book.

Flexible IT Support with various levels of cover    IT Consultancy    IT reviews and strategy    Fully Managed IT Projects

Office 365

The world’s most popular desktop software is often confusing when you consider how often new versions are released. Just because it is popular, does not make it the plug and play utopia that some people think it is. There is data migration, hardware upgrades, stable data connections and training to be considered. As a Microsoft Gold Partner we are best placed to get your employees benefiting from this wonderful, “work anywhere” service.

Public cloud

When your hosting environment is less of an issue, public cloud services are ideal, allowing you to focus on your workflow and data solutions. Public cloud offers many flexible ways of working without the intensity of worrying about a much more complex hardware picture. You can just focus on your in-house tech and get your operation working just the way you need it. Many businesses actually operate on simple models and there is no need to over complicate.

Flexible IT Support with various levels of cover    IT Consultancy    IT reviews and strategy    Fully Managed IT Projects

Azure or AWS

Both Microsoft and Amazon have invested heavily in their own secure cloud services which are also designed to adapt easily with a set of modular services and applications that plug in easily without large extended implementation projects. However, it is rare to find a company that is not reliant to some degree on at least one legacy system. We have the in depth knowledge to ensure a correct integration whether that means adapting your legacy system or “canning it” and moving on to something new.

Hybrid cloud

It’s like directing an orchestra. Some organisations have no choice but to operate some on premises technology that stores their data in an appropriate secure manner. If you are merely “accessing” a certain set of data, or a set of operations absolutely must take place within a high accountability environment then the on premises technology must work in harmony with the external cloud services that you have chosen. This is a highly technical challenge requiring a partner who absolutely understands your risks. We also understand that latency may be a negative factor for you within a hybrid cloud scenario and have all the knowledge you need to make sure your new way of working is more beneficial than the old way in terms of responsiveness and security.

Flexible IT Support with various levels of cover    IT Consultancy    IT reviews and strategy    Fully Managed IT Projects

Multi cloud

Essentially a far more complex and intricate version of hybrid cloud, multi cloud requires the orchestration of a range of sources and services into one holistic “architecture”. Your organisation could comprise of a range of different software services, some cloud hosted, some not and all interfaced through a series of differing operating systems, versions and hardware. It is a highly granular picture and we find the most unique business structures within this area of our profession.

Disaster recovery

Your organisation can slam to a halt in a moment. Disasters come in many forms, from a serious disruption of your physical infrastructure such as a fire to a state sponsored denial of service attack requiring a full lock down. Effective disaster recovery is about in depth pre-planning. Do you need a service that backs up your data every few minutes or one that relies on an “overnight”? What does your restore point need to look like? How many seats do you need in your recovery centre? Should you just concentrate on your primary fee earners or do you need to maintain a minimum level of customer facing support? Are you running a public organisation with daily obligations to vulnerable people? We see it all and we plan for the worst.

Flexible IT Support with various levels of cover    IT Consultancy    IT reviews and strategy    Fully Managed IT Projects