IT Support


Here for you every single second of every single day.

Support means with you every step of the way, your way. From the earliest planning stages, identifying areas requiring future-proofing, transformations and lock-downs to day to day operations and challenges, we are with you, monitoring, tweaking, perfecting and protecting.


Flexible IT Support

Your business does not run at 100% constantly and as such your tech support requirements need not be full on, constantly. A contract with us is not like being manacled into a 25 year photocopier servicing agreement that you can’t get out of even if you have plastic surgery, change your name and move to another country. We understand the concept of throttling up and down in order to get the best value when required. We work with you to eliminate IT risks through tailored proactive support ranging from 3rd line consultative support to a comprehensive ‘datacentre to desktop’ managed service.

IT Consultancy

Organisations are challenged to manage IT environments that increase in size and complexity as the dynamic nature of IT demands more from existing resources. Data and storage needs, security threats and business requirements are ever-changing. However, the need to closely manage timeframes, budgets and functionality remains.

Combining technical expertise, deep industry knowledge and a consultative approach at every stage, we offer a comprehensive IT consultancy service. From planning through to deployment and throughout the IT lifecycle, consulting with us translates technology into increased efficiencies, savings and the attainment of business goals.

Flexible IT Support with various levels of cover    IT Consultancy    IT reviews and strategy    Fully Managed IT Projects

Real-time monitoring

Because no two clients are the same we also provide SICL View, a bespoke IT support service conducting real-time monitoring of your IT infrastructure, guarding against device failure and alerting you to any performance changes.

If an issue does occur, incident management is efficient, smooth and seamless. Our Service Desk instantly assigns the best engineer for your set of circumstances.  However, whilst we are proud of the reaction speed of our service, we passionately believe that a proactive approach has always been the best way forward. Why wait for something to fail when we could constantly monitor performances and spot the tell-tale signs of an impending failure, early. When we give you the foresight to plan ahead for hardware replacement, we can ensure more uptime and less disruptive downtime.


IT reviews & strategy

Something changes. A new vision from the boss. A serious change in legislation. A merger. Is your business fit to move forwards? Your combination of systems and technology is unique to your business and whilst there will always be similarities with other businesses, it is safe to say that any business combining new and old tech is likely to be full of its own quirks. A technology landscape even in a reasonably small tech reliant organisation is now a highly detailed picture of data flow, security flaws and legal obligations. We like detail. We thrive on it. All of our people are hand-picked for their intelligence and tenacity. Let us review the situation and devise a watertight strategy with you.

Fully managed IT projects

Often your in-house skills fall short of those required to plan and deliver any ambitious projects. This can range from a digital transformation to a slicker ecommerce side of your business complete with warehousing and logistics, to Fort Knox-level security on multi-access highly confidential medical records. We have a team of exceptional project managers who are no stranger to a challenge. We can ensure that your project stays on its timeline whilst simultaneously working to up-skill your team to a point of readiness. Use us as your project managers for exceptionally accurate budget setting and delivery.

Flexible IT Support with various levels of cover    IT Consultancy    IT reviews and strategy    Fully Managed IT Projects

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