Security & Compliance


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Your obligations to how you store and protect your data are only going to get more complex and risk heavy. Your technology choices and how you choose to implement and operate them are the main weapons in your war to protect your organisation and its information.


Endpoint protection

Compliance level protection for all those remote devices you have connected to your networks. With a huge proportion of your employees having remote access into your systems there will always be a major security risk. People are not always using the same type of laptop. Mobile phone contracts may have differing contract start dates which may mean different models or technologies, especially when the designers insist on using iphones but your IT department prefer android.

Managed firewalls

We don’t recommend a plug n play approach to fire-walling your organisation. A managed firewall service ensures the best possible tailoring but it is the day to day immediate responsiveness that you can really take advantage of this first line of defence style service. Upgrades and patches are al done for you. This is a real-time threat protection service. Think of it as having a staffed security desk in front of your systems.

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Trillion™ by Threat Status

This high level cyber security insights service is a “next level” approach to planning, adapting, avoiding and reacting to a range of globalised cyber threats. There are organisations that are under constant attack, sometimes state-sponsored. Trillion gives you a near military capability in protection.

Cisco Umbrella

Many of your users are not in the building. They are working from many different locations. Meanwhile the threats are becoming smarter by the day, not just in the tech that dark forces use but also in their collective know how. Cisco Umbrella is the tech industry’s first secure internet gateway enabling you to learn, see and block your threats.

Flexible IT Support with various levels of cover    IT Consultancy    IT reviews and strategy    Fully Managed IT Projects

Email filtering

At its most obvious level this is about anti-spam but things are infinitely more sophisticated now and as such email filtering can be thought of as part of your business intelligence. Not only can you sweep and filter your incoming emails into categories with unique decisions mapped against them, but you can also apply the same to outgoing emails offering you the opportunity to adapt to both malware threats and information porosity.


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