Being part of the SICL team

What to expect from us

From the second you walk through the door you will feel a difference in the atmosphere here. We are not saying this is a better place to work than anywhere else… that’s not for us to say.  We recently conducted our regular anonymous survey and the team overwhelmingly told us that they love working with SICL people. That’s what we mean by “atmosphere”. It is genuinely warm and friendly. You get a sense that people are close and have known each other for a long time. The smiles are genuine. You’ll get offered a drink. People you’ve never met before will stop and say hello to you in the corridor. That warmth is a reflection of how happy our people are. We fully understand that people choose to leave their homes and families every day to come and work here and, as a company, we are grateful for that and we try to show that gratitude in everything we do, whether that be your benefits package or just simply making you feel part of something that really matters.

How have we achieved that? Values, to put it plainly. However, you’ll often find that companies talk about their values. At SICL we totally understand that it is in fact about Shared Values or “round peg, round hole”. Those three core values are:


Why be excellent if you can’t grow and progress? It seems obvious really, but it takes a concerted effort to put heartfelt care into people who are constantly hungry to learn. Expertise coupled with conscientiousness is a breeding ground for excellence and you’ll find yourself in awe at the skills our people have. Our client list is seriously heavyweight and that requires a watertight service and relationship at all times. These high standards always come with the support you need to know you’ve done a great job.


We place a huge amount of value on hand picking our team. Everyone you meet will shine with talent and many of them will have a vast amount of experience and knowledge which we actively share through relaxed and friendly lunch and learn sessions. We’ve a rec room for you to chill out and mingle and your teas and coffees are covered by us. There’re also lots of interesting events during and outside of working hours like our regular Pool and Curry days (well, Leeds does do the best curries in the UK) and games nights and we even hold weekend events for the whole family, like our paint party where we’ll be slapping some new colours up on those walls.


When you work in highly technical services, the quality of information that you involve yourself in and your willingness to see things through is an essential requirement. You can call this “willingness” many things, like conscientiousness (one of the key success drivers in any business).



We recruit a small number of apprentices from time to time who we insist on putting our heart and soul into their learning. We respect young people and believe they have lots to offer in a correctly supported environment which is one of the reasons why our apprentices are paid higher than the market rate… we really want you to stay and make a life with us. If you are interested in joining, please drop us a line and we’ll contact you when we are recruiting again.

We are always on the the look out for new team members!

If you would like to be part of the team please completed the form below and send us your CV.